Our personalized services wouldn’t be complete without also offering specialty custom cabinets like wine racks, spice racks, trash can sliders, and the like. We want your new kitchen to function based on the contemporary needs of your life.

Lazy Susans

Most people don’t utilize their cabinets to their fullest potential. A lazy Susan, a rotating set of shelves, can help make reaching items in your cabinets much easier! This is a simple and very effective way to get the most out of your cabinets!

Trash Can Sliders

If you want to keep your trashcan out of sight while still having it close by, the trash can slider is the feature for you! Trash can sliders are designed for a more practical and appealing look and feel in your kitchen.

Wine Racks

You no longer have to keep your wine stored on the counter, have us install a wine rack and you can organize your wine today!

Sliding Shelves

If you struggle with finding items in your cabinets, you need sliding shelves! With sliding shelves you will have easier access to everything as well as be able to organize your cabinets better.

Soft Close Drawers

Say “goodbye” to the sound of a drawer slammed shut! Soft close drawers ensures a silent and smooth close every time. They are perfect for protecting Seattle’s best custom cabinet drawers by using a hydraulic dampener that prevents them from being closed too forcefully. The design is seamless and helps put tranquility back in your life.