Q: How do I know if Solid Wood Refacing is right for me?

Do you like the general layout of your kitchen? Do you like to use only the finest quality materials? Do you want to avoid the expense, time and mess involved in tearing out and starting over?

Then our Solid Wood Refacing system is perfect for you! We offer Seattle’s premier refacing services for kitchen cabinets and other cabinet renovations.


Q: I found new cabinets at a Big Box store that cost about the same as refacing, so, why shouldn’t I just buy new ones?

This is one of our most-asked questions!

Do you know the saying, “They just don’t build it like they used to?” Well, that is true of your cabinets too. The typical cabinet at a Big Box store is made of pressed wood or particle board.

What you have in your home is most likely better quality and better built than what is being offered new in a Big Box store. So, you would be tearing out your sturdy, well-built cabinets and replacing them with lesser materials. We use only solid hardwood as part of our refacing service for kitchen cabinets, so the refacing materials are almost always better than those used to build the new discount cabinets.

What all of this means: from the standpoint of quality — to compare those new cabinets with solid wood refacing is like comparing apples to oranges. Also, keep in mind that the overall disruption to your home will be far greater if you choose to tear out your entire kitchen. Our services only need a few days for completion. Compare Solid Wood Refacing to quality, real-wood new cabinets, and you see a savings of 30%-60%.


Q: How long until my kitchen project is completed?

Most of our kitchen and bath cabinet refacing renovations are completed in just one week, as opposed to weeks or months with a complete remodel.


Q: Will there be a lot of dust or mess during that week?

Some sanding, cutting and spraying will need to be done in your kitchen. You will see plastic sheeting across doors and passageways to keep the mess inside the kitchen area. We treat your home like our home and take care to masking off floors, countertops, appliances, and more. We also pride ourselves on cleaning up afterward.


Q: Will I be able to use my kitchen during installation week?

Because of masking, taping, and the various stages of the project, your kitchen will be virtually unusable during installation week. However, we will leave your refrigerator plugged in during the process. Many people move it into the dining room to maintain access.


Q: Do you offer accessories, or just cabinets?

As Seattle’s experts on refacing kitchen cabinets and other renovation services, we offer many options. With extras like sliding shelves, we can make your kitchen look and function just the way you want. See a sample of our accessories and specialty cabinets here.


Q: Can I add new cabinets to my kitchen?

Yes, and because your new cabinets are built with the same materials that we use to reface your existing cabinets, everything matches perfectly. There will be no visible difference between new and existing.


Q: What if my cabinets are fine, and I just need a new countertop?

No problem, we offer a countertop only solution. In fact, we offer 3 cm quartz countertops throughout Seattle and the greater Puget Sound area.